Emaar Entertainment
Storm Rollercoaster

This is the worlds tallest and fastest indoor rollercoaster. It is an iconic building built in the heart of Dubai.

Standing 50 meters tall this project pushes the boundary of all aspects of engineering design. The coaster contains an extreme vertical launch to 50 metres in 5 seconds and a 670 metre track which wraps its way throughout the entire building.

Both the primary structure and the track itself are inter-connected, which required a level of precision not seen in regular construction. The track is extremely complex geometrically, as it rotates on all axis within the three-dimensional space of the building.

Extensive parametric modelling was used from the pre-concept stage, allowing the optimisation of all aspects of design while working faster and even more effectively.

In addition to the ride, visitors will experience 360-degree immersion through a preshow experience, as they are lifted high above the Dubai skyline. Blending real-world footage with cinematic special effects, guests will be plunged into the heart of the story as an epic mega-storm rages all around.

We acted as Director in charge of Quantity Surveying for the project under previous employment, managing a Contractor in Dubai, Ride Manufacturer in Liechtenstein and Theming Contractor in England.

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