Thames Water
Mogden Sewage
Treatment Works

Opened in 1936, the Mogden sewage treatment works is one of the largest such plants in south-east England, treating waste water from a population equivalent of 1.9 million, across a 60 square mile catchment area of north and west London.

The purified effluent from the plant is piped to Isleworth Ait, where it is discharged into the Thames around high tide. Since the plant’s inception, electricity has been generated from the waste methane to power the treatment works themselves and in 1993 a combined heat and power plant was added.

An upgrade completed in 2013 has enabled Mogden to treat over 50 per cent more sewage, reducing the amount of storm sewage that flows into the Thames when the site becomes overloaded during heavy rainfall and helping meet tighter quality standards for the discharged effluent. Thames Water claims the improvements will also reduce odours at the site.

We acted as Quantity Surveyors at our previous employer. We oversaw package procurement and closed out final accounts across the large and varied site.

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